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Vingua Managed security Services can help you quantify and prioritize your risks. Our professionals deliver industry-leading assessments and security strategies to many of the world’s business, including critical strategies such as zero trust. As a trusted advisor, Vingua Security Services can extend your team, help detect and respond to threats, and unify your organization on security priorities to accelerate business transformation. One of the biggest concerns of small to medium-sized businesses like yours is cybersecurity. And with good reason: 60% of businesses, just like yours, will have to close their doors permanently after just one cyberattack, and cyberattacks against smaller businesses increased 425% in a year.

#Cyber Security Solutions

Vingua unleashes the value of your security investments to achieve business objectives. Your organization will have a unique set of characteristics and use cases that determine which solution we offer is ideal for you.

Security Solutions

Elevate your cybersecurity defenses to better protect, detect and respond to endpoint threats, even those designed to evade traditional security controls.

Security Solutions

Fortify defense capabilities throughout your network with a full suite of protective services, allowing you to establish a solid fundamental security posture that guards your firewall, IDS/IPS and server technology.

Security Solutions

Protection for all stages of your cloud deployment from an assessment of your current strategy to building effective security operations.

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