We always update you about this hacking process of phishing concept only in smartphones but now the time to alert you people but not for the smartphone users. Here we are mentioning smart assistants called Alexa and Google Home which is now the victim of this phishing matter. We don’t know how much time hackers gonna surprise us with some new strategy and this time they are not going to leave these smart assistants. They know the popularity of smart assistants are on top so working towards these smart technology can be their best choice but not for us. In this article, I am going to discuss about this new phishing tool. Read the blog till end to get aware.

Is this a first time voice assistant’s faced bug or phishing tool?

Do you think that this attack is for the first time for you are watching? No folks, once again we are watching this attack as earlier security researchers found the same phishing case and eavesdropping vectors on Amazon Alexa in 2018 and also on Google Home smart assistant in May 2018. Now once again both the smart assistants are in main headlines.

Thanks to security researchers to once again alert users about the vulnerability that they found as this vulnerability they found on both Alexa and Smart Home voice assistants. Did you know how dangerous it is? This vulnerability allows the hackers to eavesdrop on or even phish unsuspecting users. The report said that uploading the malicious software on both Google Home and Alexa, security researchers inform us how you can get smart speakers to silently record users. Even you will be shocked when you get to know that they could ask a password to their Google account.

How hackers hack the voice assistance?

SR Labs shared a video for its users who operate both voice assistants. First they talk about the Google Home voice Assistants that how hackers work here. Here hackers allow users to ask for a random number to activate and we are sure that action is still the same but software then continues listening long after performing initial commands. Now if we talk about the voice assistant Alexa then hackers here ruling by ignoring STOP command given by users and to continue silently listening. The security researchers have shared more videos we hope you have watched that. They talked about the voice assistants that how it can be manipulated by giving false error messages. This is obvious that before the update introduced, Google and Amazon approved it. Did they check it properly? We don’t think so they check the update properly. If such kind of mistakes done by top high-profile companies then how you can expect from a new startup to work properly.


Nowadays you can’t trust on the voice assistants as we hear the word phishing, we just avoid those devices. Okay, you can blame Google and Amazon for this that has not checked the updates properly. Just one mistake and you may lose the users for sure and after reading this blog we expect users not to lose hope and just wait for the new update so that they can make you free from phishing scam or tool or anything that can harm you.