Big data is a structure of data with high volume. This is not so easy to understand the term big data. By this way you can understand that there are more than 8.98 billion mobile users, it is obvious that the field of app development for mobiles will be at a sharp rise. On an average there are 78 apps on a mobile phone while 43 of them are used monthly.

What is big data?

Big Data has large set of data of every individual aspects. Data set is growing rapidly day by day. Through various devices data stored like cameras, microphones, mobile phones, wireless devices, various internet of things devices, remote sensing devices etc. Now you can understand how big it is? Big data is big just because of below mention factors.

  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Velocity
  • Veracity
  • value

Uses of big data in mobile applications

Big data is now being used in almost every walk of our lives. There are various ways in which mobile apps are using big data to improve our overall experiences. They are as follows:

1. To understand users need:

Mobile apps are using big data to know what a customer needs in his app, what he likes, dislikes, what are his preferences.

2. Improvement in user experience:

Mobile apps use big data to improve the user experience and increase their engagement time on their apps.They get to know by the use of big data on which part of the app customers are not spending their time, what is the underlying reason? They fix it to improve user experience.

3. Personalization:

Developers personalize apps for users based on their preferences. Have you ever noticed that there is recommendation of a certain dress or anything is only available on your app screen, that recommendation is different for the other person on his mobile.

For example: Amazon uses big data to analyses buyer behavior, his preferences regarding products and prices, location of the buyer and then provides suggestions based on them. It lessens the effort of buyers to find the product and makes their job easy.

Not just amazon, spotify also uses big data to identify users behavior to suggest music recommendations.

Netflix has more than 130 million subscribers worldwide, it also uses big data. It helps Netflix to decide which shows will be of interest to a particular subscriber and 80% of the content you watch on Netflix is influenced by Big Data.

4. Advertising:

Big data is also being used in advertising by the companies. How? I am telling you. If you have ever noticed sometimes you see an advertisement on Facebook and the same advertisement is not visible to your friend. Do you know why? Have you ever paid attention to the footwear ad which pops up as soon as you unlock your phone but same ad is not their on your friend’s phone? And girls what about that lipstick ad which is only visible on your phone? Confused, why it happens? It is because of big data our each and every activity on the apps or on the internet is available to these companies. On the basis of which they decide how to target us.

5. Weather Forecasting apps:

These apps also use big data to predict weather forecasts. An example of this is Accu weather app.

IBM Deep Thunder is a research project by IBM. By which it gives weather forecast through the use of Big data. It is also assisting Tokyo, with forecasting for natural disasters.

These were just examples Big Data is being used in mobile apps. From education to healthcare, from weather to transport no aspect of our life is left untouched by big data. Share this article with your friends and family because sharing is caring.